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Unleash your drum and bass production skills with Telomic. Master his process for crafting pro-level tracks that are label and DJ-ready, from start-to-finish.

Product overview

Telomic is a UK-based drum and bass artist who is quickly gaining recognition for his unique approach to production. His sound is characterized by ethereal melodies, intricate rhythms, and a deep, immersive atmosphere. Telomic’s releases have been featured on a variety of record labels, including the Dutch imprint Liquicity Records and sister-label Galacy Records.

The Telomic production course is the perfect opportunity for aspiring drum and bass producers to learn from one of the most innovative artists in the scene. In this comprehensive package, you will gain access to all the knowledge and tools necessary to create professional drum and bass tracks.

With every preset, sample, and project file included, you will have the opportunity to explore Telomic’s secret techniques and unique approach to production. This course is designed to be a logical, structured, and high-quality package, providing you with a deep dive into Telomic’s creative process.

Whether you’re an experienced producer looking to broaden your skills or a newcomer to the drum and bass world, the Telomic production course is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their sound to the next level.

Start-to-Finish Course

Course Runtime: ~6 Hours

Discover the secrets of Telomic’s Drum and Bass production in this 5+ Hours Start-to-Finish course. You will learn how to create a professional track from scratch, covering topics such as music theory, bass synthesis and resampling, drum synthesis and layering, atmosphere building, FX sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

This course will teach you how Telomic creates music from the initial inspiration to the final touches. You will also have access to all the project files, stems, presets and samples used, so you can follow along and apply the techniques to your own music.

Course Preview


02: Making the Atmosphere

Telomic reveals his latest advanced sound design techniques on creating ethereal atmospheres that will capture the listener while being the foundations for your track.


03: Music Theory Hacks

Learn practical skills that will simplify music theory for advanced music production. Telomic reveals his best tips on creating advanced progressions.


07: Breaks and Bus Processing

Telomic breaks down his mixing and processing-chains in a clear step-by-step fashion explaining exactly how he gets clarity and power to his drums.


19: Mastering

In this video you will learn the exact method that Telomic uses for mastering tracks to an industry standard. This is the final polish to get your music club-ready.

Samples & Presets

This Producer Bundle comes with all of the high quality samples created and processed by Telomic in the track creation process. You have the option of dragging the stems of every mixer track into your DAW or using the golden nuggets of the song in the form of a samplepack to build your next production.

Gain Access to high quality Melodic Textures, Drums, FX Basses and many more sounds all created by Telomic himself.

Every sound and preset found in this pack is 100% Royalty Free.



Arp House


Arp House

Project File & Stems

DAW: Ableton 11

Experience being inside a project file crafted by one of Liquicity’s finest drum & bass producers – Telomic. Having the project files allows you to dissect every single hidden technique within the dozens of tracks inside the project all at your own pace.

Telomic Project File Preview

Compatible with the most popular DAWs and Plug-ins

Below is the list of software used in this Producer Bundle.

Plugins / Software

Fabfilter Pro-Q3, Fabfilter Pro-L2, Fabfilter Pro-R, Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Room, Oeksound Soothe2, Oeksound Spiff, Xfer Serum, Kilohearts Chorus, Izotope Trash 2, Izotope Ozone 9, Kazrog KClip3, Inphonik RX950, Arturia Filter MINI, Waves H-Delay, Soundtoys EffectRack – DevilLoc


Xfer Serum, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 (With Alicia’s Keys), Spitfire Originals Felt Piano

Due to differences in plug-in and software versions, we can't guarantee full compatibility of the project file.
Because of this, all stems are included to ensure the project will work in any DAW.

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